I’ve been SILENCED on Facebook!!!

The almighty Facebook locked me out of my account and unpublished all my business pages because I was making posts about my products and services.

Freedom of Speech includes being able to promote your commercial services. Facebook will #censor you if you do too much advertising. They put me on time out for the weekend and will only allow me to post on my own pages, of course, I needed to republish all of them first. I’m leaving Facebook and if you’re a business owner I encourage you to follow me. Spend more time working on your own website and your own properties. No one can silence your own website and your own channel.

As business owners, we need to focus more on building our own forums and channels of communication. All of these social media properties will shut you down without warning! Your business will be stopped in a blink of an eye!

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PAY MORE ATTENTION to your own website than a platform that will #censor you and #stop you from doing #business if you go outside of their box!

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