Wayne Wallace is a professional photographer and visual artist who enjoys and thrives on challenge. He approaches each project whether personal or commissioned with passion and intensity and strives to excell and push the creative boundaries of his craft with each new assignment.

Wayne studied photography and graphic design in high school before furthering his education at the Art Institute and the Hallmark Institute of Photography. Wayne is a visual communicator who draws inspiration from the world around him; he finds inspiration in art, music, great words, people, and nature. One of his favorite quotes is

"If I could do what I want with my eyes alone, I would be happy" -- Richard Avedon.

Wayne's unique eye for composition, technical expertise, passion, creativity, abandon of rules and can't do attitudes, as well as his ability manage complex productions make him a perfect candidate for you next creative project. Wayne is especially good with people, putting them at ease in front of the camera, evoking the necessary emotions, and capturing their true essence.

Wayne's extensive experience in graphic design, programming and his mastery of digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator give him the ability to deliver images that work.

Customer Testimonials

"Wayne!!! I LOVE them!!! ... You have a great eye on objects and angles, as I am really impressed!" -- Nyrene

"Wayne, you make me feel so comfortable" -- Paul

"I just wanted to say thanks for the photos you did. ... People really respond to those photos and I just wanted to express appreciation." -- Daphne

"Those look fantastic! ... there are many great ones to choose from. Thank you" - Ali

"Wayne's the best! Thanks for the awesome shots of me and my dog!" -- Donna

"Thanks so much--the photos are just lovely. ... Thanks again--you are a magician!" -- Julie

"My God -- you are sooo talented. I love your photos. I liked the flowers and landscapes (and I liked the very feng shui " meditation" print) but your photos of people are amazing. Really - you capture the person and their mood so well." -- Kathy

"Most memorable during each photoshoot I've modelled was Wayne's passion for furthering his skillset, along with a confluence of positive disposition and radiating warmth. He thinks outside the box. He takes creative risks. He is visionary in capturing a facet of our world that a pedestrian observer can miss. Unlike the recreational weekend photographer pursuing a beautiful picture, Wayne's work possess the full range of thegritty to the ethereal, a juxtaposition only few can conceive." -- Ashton

"My experience of Wayne, has been nothing but full of enthusiasm, energy and professionalism. ... I met him through a photography group he ran and the students all benefited from his words of wisdom and guidance. ... It is clearly a craft that comes from his heart and soul, as he injects all he can into the projects he takes on. ...On a dedication angle alone, I believe he has much to offer the Institute and I endorse his talent and commitment without reservation." -- Tracey

"His drive for creating great art, his ability to think creatively and his willingness to do what it takes and make “it” happen all speaks to Wayne’s capabilities. I have seen Wayne go “all out” when he has a goal. I do not perceive Wayne as attending the Institute with reservations or with mild interest. When he tackles a project you can expect Wayne to do whatever it takes. He has great ambition and drive something that is rare." -- Bruce

"let me tell you that your portfolio blew me away. Your nature pictures I particularly enjoyed and when I scrounge up some money I want to buy some prints from you. ... well by looking at your nature pictures you have done more than just capture the beauty...you know the expression a picture is worth a thousand words. Well when I looked at those I was so amazed, a thousand words doesn't do them justice I was. .. I just had to tell you you are doing fantastic work." -- Steve

"One of my first photo shoots was with Mr. Wallace and the energy that surrounded him could not be overlooked. For 8 hours Mr. Wallace demonstrated enthusiasm, creativity and patience which gave me the impression that he completely respects the field. I have worked with a few different photographers but the eagerness to learn more about photography as an art could not be displayed more than by Mr. Wallace ...., he is a genuinely wonderful person. The characteristics that come to mind when describing his personality are caring, honest and easy to get along with." -- Michele

"We are a photography service with a database of 400 photographers nationwide. Wayne is one of our top photographers. His unique style and love of the camera make for extraordinary results." -- Merav

"I am impressed with Wayne's keen eye for beauty and his unique creativity. During the photo shoot he created the perfect balance of professionalism and relaxation. He was working with a woman who normally felt very nervous in front of a camera. He put her so at ease, she didn't want the session to end." -- Joanna

"Wayne has a distinctive and energetic 'street' or 'everyman's' flair, which is tempered by a vision for color theory far more refined than a novice academic foundation would belie. However, despite a significant basic style, Wayne is able to capture endless variations of mood and feel in his subject matter with instinctive skill in light treatment and composition. His ability to make models feel at ease is also readily apparent in his shots." -- Mel

"I have worked with Wayne on several photo shoots and he has been the consummate professional. His creative eye far surpass that of an average photographer and in turn what he is able to develop thru the eyes of the lens is always top of the line." -- Jamie


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