I worked with Rebecca to create some contemporary executive publicity headshots. Rebecca owns an accounting business here in Las Vegas and wanted to produce a warm and friendly image for her advertising materials.

Oh my goodness! I am so very blown away! I could not possibly be any more impressed! I feel so very fortunate to have found Wayne and not your typical photographer. Wayne is a creative artist and innovatively creates the perfect “shot” each time from nothing. Artistic and technical – that is so very rare.

Wayne Wallace is such an incredible talent. He so enjoys the work that he does. It was an absolute pleasure from beginning to end and an experience that will always be so memorable. I had so much fun and I remember thinking that I didn’t want it to end.

As a business professional myself, I know that I have high expectations of other professionals. Wayne certainly exceeded my expectations and his attention to detail shows in every aspect of his business. He kept his commitment and then some. A true professional knows that their name really is on everything they do.

I have to say that when I first saw my slideshow – I was completely overwhelmed. Well, I still am. To think that these are the “unretouched” versions seems incredible enough so to think that they could possibly get better or improved upon seems unbelievable.

I remember laughing at the term “celebrity headshot” as if I could possibly qualify as a “celebrity” but now I truly feel like one. I must be some kind of celebrity with photos like these that seem to belong in a “portfolio” of some kind.

So how can one possibly select the best shots when they are all great? It was crazy so I had to ask friends and family to assist me and it took days. Wayne captured who I really am. He knew how to do that and he brought out my personality with honest and natural expressions. That is a talent.

As a businessman, he has perfected the entire viewing and ordering process to provide information to educate his clients along with step by step instructions for making the process completely effortless. He has all the bases covered with his beautiful and effective websites. What more could you want?

So I will be referring everyone I know to Wayne for the very best experience and a chance to feel like a celebrity. I know that those who see my photos will be so impressed they will insist on contacting Wayne.

It was fun. I had nothing to worry about, just leave it to Wayne, the professional.

A million thanks to you Wayne! You are truly outstanding!

Until the next time, bye for now..

Rebecca Collett,
RCC - Business & Financial Management Consulting

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I worked with Carla to create some new headshots for her acting career. Here's a few of her favorites and a few awesome words from her about our session together.

It was great working with Wayne. I was nervous about having my headshots done, but Wayne made me feel so comfortable. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciated his energy. A lot of photographers never say anything, but Wayne was always talking and making the whole experience memorable. Thanks Wayne! -- Carla

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Joy needed some new headshots for her modeling and acting portfolio. She was a joy to work with -- hehe ;-) pun intended!

Here's a few of Joy's picks and some sweet words she sent me!

Wayne was very aware of the kinds of pictures I wanted and made sure we were creating exactly what I wanted. There was no ego in the process just a talented photographer making sure I was happy with the product. The whole experience was fun and catered exactly to what I wanted. I am thrilled with the photos! -- joy Daniels

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Last week I met with Christopher, who's a builder of hi end homes here in Las Vegas. We had a great time creating some contemporary headshots for his new advertising campaign. Here's a few of his favorites from the session and a testimonial he sent me.

I had been putting off getting my headshots done for a while, until I found Wayne. As an amateur photographer, I love taking photos, but was nervous about what to expect from a professional photo session with me as the subject. What should I wear? How should I pose? Should I smile, not smile, etc? Wayne offered lots of information before the session, but was most helpful during the session. He spent time chatting and getting to know me, rather than just jumping right in. He explained the procedure and answered any questions I had. When it came time to shoot, I was still slightly unsure, but Wayne quickly put me at ease, leading me through each scene with great direction and humor. After a few minutes, everything came naturally, and the remainder of the session was a breeze. The best part was seeing the end result. It was impossible for me to only choose a few from the many great photos Wayne captured. I look forward to working with him again soon. Thanks Wayne! - Christopher

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Happy Halloween!!

If you're not getting the Wayne Wallace Photography Studio Newsletter you're missing out on some great treats and other fun stuff!

Get Your Halloween Headshot Special!

Sign up for the newsletter and receive a special Halloween headshot offer by signing up today.

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Bruce visited Las Vegas recently and needed to get some new headshots for his business marketing and online networking. Bruce was a lot of fun to work with and I think we captured his personality. 

Here's what Bruce had to say about his experience.

"During our photography session Wayne demonstrated that he truly cared about creating the highest quality pictures for me. The proof is evident in the pictures. I've gotten so many compliments on them. Wayne was easy to work with, he is focused on his craft and I was very happy with the results. I highly recommend Wayne Wallace as a photographer." -- Bruce Honig

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Is Your Headshot Working?

If your phone isn't ringing off the hook you probably need a new headshot! If you're an actor, comic, singer, business professional or a single person that's looking for love online you need a great headshot.

Come let Wayne Wallace create a great headshot for you!

Wayne Wallace is a professional photographer that specializes in photographing people. Wayne holds Headshot Mainia Monday every month. Wayne sets up his portable portrait studio in a convenient location where many people can come, have fun, and get a few quick headshots taken. He spends a few minutes with each person, takes a few great digital portraits, downloads, retouches where necessary and sends you the digital files by email for publication in online communities, in newsletters and on business cards.

Tell your single family and friends, real-estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance agents that Headshot Mania Monday is coming soon and they need to go!

Need A New Headshot?
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 734-6161


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