Will You Have Enough Money To Retire & Have A Good Life?

Let’s face it, you probably won’t have enough to retire and live a good life unless you do something to make sure that happens. Investing in stocks can be a great way to secure your future wealth, but it’s risky right? I started managing my own retirement portfolio a few years ago because I wasn’t happy with what others were doing with it. I do some stock trading with real money and I’ve done pretty well, better than the interest I would have gotten from the bank and better than some financial advisor would have done.

I thought it would be fun to create a Virtual Stock Trading Club and invite people to join me to learn and compete with Monopoly Money (Fake Money). I found this cool app that lets you trade stocks just like you would for real, they give you 20 Thousand Dollars as a starting point.

Download the Stock Trainer App here. Setup your account and start buying and selling stocks with me. Join The Virtual Stock Trading Club Facebook Group and share your portfolio screenshots. Share your thoughts on a stock or why you think a market is going up or down. I really like trading because you have to pay attention to the economy, industries, companies, the world and all the other things that could affect your portfolio.

If you are on twitter you can share there too. Follow me at @wayne__wallace. Make sure you use the hashtag #virtualstocktradingclub so we can find your screenshots.

Maybe one day you will have the confidence to trade stocks for real after you get your feet wet!

When you are ready let me know I can let you know the trading platform I use.