Las Vegas Model Portfolio Photography Session

I did this model portfolio session with Courtney at the Art District in downtown Las Vegas, NV. I like the Art District because there are so many cool little places to use for photos. Also, I really like the fact that no one hassles you down there. Everyone's an artist, not like down on The Las Vegas Strip where Casino Security shuts you down if they catch you on their property. Las Vegas is the most photographer unfriendly town I've ever done photography in.

These are a few of my favorite shots from this model portfolio session. These shots are pretty much straight out of the camera with no photoshop editing other than some cropping and light levels adjustments. These days I'm more into the natural look without a lot of photoshop editing. Sure I can make any photo look great with photoshop, but I like to just create good photos that don't need photoshop work done to them as well.

How do you feel about photoshop?

Leave a comment about what you like more natural photos or perfectly photoshopped photos.

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